Unlocking Your Hitting Potential - The Key to Success is Taking Good At-Bats! Get Your Comprehensive Video Analysis Today!

Discover the Secrets to Consistent Hitting - Out At Bat Video Analysis Helps You Master The Art of Taking Good At bats and Improving Your Performance at the Plate.

You are here because:

  • You lack confidence

  • Your are struggling with consistency.

  • You are displaying poor plate discipline

  • Your have difficulty making adjustments

  • You lack focus

  • You have an ineffective approach

  • You are limited on data and information to understand where you are making outs

You looking to improve your hitting skills and become a more successful hitter, right?

At Strategic Hitter, we believe that taking good at bats is the key to unlocking your potential and improving your performance at the plate. We understand that hitting is more than just the swing.

That's why our At Bat Video Analysis service assesses your entire at-bat to help you identify areas where you can improve your approach and make the necessary adjustments helping you become more strategic and consistent as a hitter.

Our experienced team will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your at-bat, from the moment you step into the batter's box to the completion of your swing.

We will assess your approach, pitch recognition, swing mechanics, and overall performance to identify areas where you can improve.

How To Submit

  1. Record your at-bats using a smartphone or camera and capture the film from behind home plate (like in picture).

  2. Make sure we ca see the hitter and pitcher in the same frame.

  3. Film the entire at bat in one shot. From his walk up to the completion of the at bat.

  4. Upload your video to youtube. Add anything you can share about the at bat, put into the description box.

  5. Make the video either "public" or "unlisted" so we are able top access it.

  6. Hit the submit button and fill out the information.

  7. Wait for the Analysis

** We are committed to providing a through and comprehensive video analysis of your at bats. Please note that we will get to each submission in the order it is received, and we appreciate your patience while we work through our backlog. Paying clients will always take priority but rest assured that we will review and analyze your video as soon as we can provide you with a detailed analysis on your performance. Thanks for your interest in our At bat Video Analysis. If you are interested in learning more about being a client, then please email us at grottmayer@gmail.com with subject title "At bat Video Analysis Client". **