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If you want a swing that you can tailor around:

  • Making better decision

  • Problem solve for pitchers pitches

That actually brings game day results…

…WITHOUT all of the:

  • Confusing tactics that you don't understand

  • Cookie cutter drills that does not fix your specific issues

  • Terminology that drives you away from want to play

Then you cannot afford to miss our on The Swing Solution, Learning to Hit Program!

Implementing a simple, proven approach to understanding what you want to do and how pitchers are attacking you can eliminate wasted time and effort into building a swing that does not specifically get you to hit well on game day against great pitchers under pressure.  

Here's how it works: 

1) The swing you build need to do two things:

  • Improve your ability to make good decisions

  • Put you in position to create an optimal bat path for the pitches that the pitchers you face have. 

2) Understand what you are telling pitchers about your approach, and how they will attack you.  

3) Watch you improve your batting average 26% this year alone and everyone is wondering where you came from.  

It's simple, not easy, but simple. And it works like crazy. 

And I am ready to share all of my secrets that are typically reserved for me private college and pro clients that have allowed them to consistently barrel up baseball against the multiple different pitchers they will face throughout the game and weeks. 

Think about it…

I meet so many hitters with great potential who are sick of: 

❌ Going to hitting instructors who tell them they are the next best thing and continue to struggle on game day against good competition 

❌ Going to camps and clinics and not get any takeaway as to where they need to improve and have a chase to hit good pitching 

❌ Put up great showcase numbers but struggle in the game portion of the showcase

❌ Put in a ton of extra work only to see they are not able to transfer it to the field 

❌ Getting lots of weak hit when he does finally hit the pitch  

What if instead... you had a GAME-PLAN for dominating pitchers every time you stepped in the box: 

🌟  Know the 4 phases of the swing you are building and how it improve your decision making and problem solving skills. 

🌟 Know how to practice the swing you are building. 

🌟 Know the 5 reason you are getting weak hits.  

🌟. Know the 6 physical adjustments you make in the swing you are building.  

🌟 Know the 4 ways to make swing adjustments without messing with your mechanics. 

🌟 Know the timing elements of the swing and how it works in sync with the pitcher.

🌟 Know what part of the zone your swing that you are building build for and how to make adjustments around the zone. 

🌟 Know what pitchers are reading from you are you step into the box and how they will approach you. would it impact your performance? 

The Swing Solution Program is a brand new program that will help you do exactly that!

No fluff. No theory. Just action. 

After this workshop you'll... 

✅ You will improve your batting aver by 26% from the previous year, if not more.  

✅ You will improve or maybe even hit your first home run because you will have tremendously clarity about what you need to do and practice. 

✅ You will understand how to build your approach around the pitches the pitchers are trying to get you out with giving you a strategic advantage.  

✅ You will have everyone wonder where you came from and how you suddenly become the guy in your team's lineup. 

✅ You will love baseball and hitting again 

Simply, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to build a swing that will let you HIT against good pitchers on game day.

On top of that you get 9 videos of everything you need to build the optimal swing that actually works against good pitchers. 

  1. Overview of The Entire Program

  2. The 4 Phases Of The Swing

  3. How To Practice The Swing

  4. 5 Reasons for Weak Hits

  5. 6 Physical Adjustments in the Swing

  6. 4 Ways to Make Swing Change Without Messing With Mechanics

  7. Big League Timing

  8. Knowing Your Pitch

  9. What Pitchers Are Reading From You

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….this works at every level, baseball is baseball, hitting is hitting, timing is timing. 

CLICK "Buy Now" to put a Proven Process to work in your swing today.

For a ONE-Time Payment of $149 $89

Click Here To Get Access Now!